Hats off to who?

    For the past 7 months I have been searching everywhere for the perfect straw fedora. I looked in vintage shops, small boutiques and every mall I’ve been to. Personally, I think every girl needs at least one hat, a few scarves and the perfect pair of dark wash skinny jeans in their closet. I currently own the last two, but I need my hat ! I think the straw fedora goes with everything, it ads the finishing touch to every outfit and it always looks great. 

    A few weeks ago while vacationing in San Francisco with the fam, I wandered into Gap searching for a warm fall sweater. Instead of that fall sweater, I found my perfect hat. Who would’ve thought to look in Gap for a stylish topper? It was a straw fedora with a dark blue denim stripe around it. It was absolutely perfect. I sighed knowing that the problem with finding hats for me was that the hat was always too small. I guess I have an abnormally large head ! But as I looked down at the tag hanging from the amazing hat, a small smile crept upon my lips. It read: straw fedora, $29.50, size large. I was sooo pleased to see that they had hat sizes ! In all the stores I had been in looking for the perfect lid, I had never came across hat sizes. I plopped the size large fedora on my head and it fit like a dream. Unfortunately, I was ultimately broke from previous days of shopping in San Fran and was unable to purchase the lovely straw fedora. Since then I’ve had time to save thirty dollars, but living in a small town, there is no gap for me to buy my hat from :( …thank god for Gap canada online;)


Eat Pray Love

    A few days ago I went with my lovely mother to see Eat Pray Love. Walking into the theatre, my distasteful thoughts got the best of me. I was complaining and dreading the next two hours of the day because I thought I was about to watch the most boring movie of my entire life. 133 minutes later, I realized how incredibly wrong I was. I was never a big Julia Roberts fan, but in this film she was actually able to evoke some pretty intense feelings.

   Based on a true story, Eat Pray Love is about a middle aged divorced woman who travels to Italy, India and Bali in an effort to ‘find herself’. Honestly, I don’t really understand why anyone needs to ‘find themselves’ because you should always know where you are…I guess I never really understood that whole concept. Anyways, in Italy she learns to care less about her body, and to enjoy food, friends and life. In India, she learns to meditate and find peace. And in Bali, she learns to love again. The storyline sounds a little generic in some ways, but everything in the movie was really well done. Eat Pray Love is definitely a 10 :)


eco chic

    I’m really not a fan of real leather when it comes to clothing or bags. With the exception of one item in my closet, everything that looks like leather is actually fake. Many girls like me can probably relate when I say it’s hard to find a cute, good quality faux leather bag.

    This past weekend I visited my aunt in vancouver, and she was showing me her new black hobo bag, which I thought was leather. It felt so soft like real leather does, and it even had the look too, so of course I was shocked when she told me that it wasn’t real leather. I looked closer at the bag and read the label: Matt & Nat. I’ve heard of the brand before, but I didn’t really know much. I looked them up and found that they create incredibly cute bags and accessories - all made from vegan leather!

    The idea of Matt & Nat started in 1995 when founder, Inder Bedi, was challenged to become a vegetarian for thirty days. Every single bag made my Matt & Nat has at least one recycled element, and has a lining made from an average of 21 recycled bottles. I know most of us don’t enjoy breaking the bank when shopping, and the prices for these eco-chic bags rather high, but I think a little saving for a Matt & Nat bag is well worth it. Continuously creating amazing, stylish and eco friendly bags, Matt & Nat is number one on my list :) 



Plastic Fantastic

    I was reading an old teen vogue snapshot when I came across Gabriella de Givenchy. She’s a lucky 15 year old girl who’s great uncle is the founder of Givenchy. I was instantly in love with her because not only does she have the founder of a legendary fashion house in her family, she’s also got amazing style ! 

 Looking very prep school-rebbel in her snapshot picture, Gabriella dons a Ralph Lauren blazer, customized jeans and…jelly oxfords? These incredibly unique shoes were very unexpected. They’re made by Melissa Joy + Alexandre Herchcovitch. The collaboration between the two started in 2003, and ever since they’ve been creating every style of shoe..but in plastic. These specific jelly oxfords that Gabriella was wearing are my ultimate favourite. Although an old model, the creation is being brought back in a variety of new colours for the Melissa Joy + Alexandre Herchcovitch winter 2010 collection, check it out :)




    So, seeing as this is my first post, I’m very new at the whole blogging thing. For those reading this that don’t know me, my name is Shay. I love fashion and music, and what I want is to hopefully grab your attention with what I have to say. My blog will be filled with my opinions of various fashion lines, new bands that I’ve heard that I think should be on everyones ipods, and just my life in general. To everyone who reads this, thankyou, you’re very appreciated and I hope never to bore you :)

- shay